Boonk Announces to Fans He’s Going to Be a Daddy

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Is he going to change?

Instagram personality Boonk — a man who is literally famous for blatantly stealing things and who took his very name from the act of swiping — is about to have a child. In a recent message to his fans, he revealed that he’s having a baby boy… and immediately started bragging about the size of his unborn son’s junk.

“Having a baby boy, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “Look, my baby mama asked the doctor if the baby’s d**k was going to be small. And the doctor was like ‘Nah, it’s going to be big.’ Because you’re not supposed to be able to see the shape of the d**k, but you could see the shape of the d**k.”

“You know where that come from. You know where that come from. Y’all know where that come from, the baby daddy,” he added.


Source: Instagram @boonkgang