‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Caught Cheating With Cast Member in Public Bathroom Stall

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That's nasty

Donna of Black Ink Crew was caught cheating on her man in a public bathroom by someone with a camera phone!

In the video, you can see Donna going to town with someone else from the show. That wouldn’t be to noteworthy — the intricacies of relationships are reality TV’s bread and butter — but there’s one little complication. The man she’s with in the stall isn’t her man.

The video shows Alex from Black Ink Crew multitasking: doing the deed with Donna and rolling a blunt simultaneously. Of course, the internet was quick to pass the video around and, more importantly, crack jokes.

Donna addressed the video in a recent post to social media, saying that people like to run off at the mouth before they have the slightest idea of what they’re talking about.

“So I just want to come over here and say that y’all are really f**ked up. And that I’m glad a b***h got high self-esteem or else it would have been another suicide in the world,” she said. “And that’s really like some s**t we should think about. Before you go on the internet body-shaming and sl*t-shaming and all that other s**t that y’all don’t even really know what the f**k is going on.Just think about how that s**t affect motherf**kers before you go saying what the f**k you gotta say.”

She said that people should be more careful about needling people because they could harm themselves.

“If the video would have came out, right? And then y’all n**gas is all on me. Like y’all n**gas is on me, right?” she said. “Don’t even know what happened, just on me like y’all on me and then y’all woke up the next morning and was like ‘Black Ink Crew’s Donna M Commits Suicide.’”

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Source: Instagram @donnadadondada