Big Pun’s Son Details His Father’s Abusive Past

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Rivers is catching heat for his accusations on wax

Big Pun is a legend. Like many of his contemporaries who died during the first wave of hip-hop’s takeover of popular music, fans have nearly deified him and his legacy is unassailable.

But much in the same way that Biggie had a problem with domestic abuse, Pun seems to have been abusive toward his children. His son Chris Rivers stirred up quite the controversy when he released the song “Fear Of My Crown.”

The song and its video deal with a father’s abuse toward his family and seems to point the finger right at Pun.

I look into my past and i can barely force a smile
The common misconceptions that parents afford a child
From the fires of experience happiness hand me downs
And the wisdom you acquire not angry and actin wild
Your worse then the bullies, the rapists and pedophiles
It’s you that we should trust to protect us and make us proud
I just try to be the man that you presented to me
Not the man that you showed your friends and you pretended to be
I look in mami’s eyes and say “I kill’em if i could”.
But I’m too damn weak and small and I’m not sure if i even should
But I’ve seen what he’s done to you
And i know it isn’t it good

big pun

Source: Twitter @OnlyHipHopFacts