Big Booty Girl Cannot Handle the Mechanical Bull!

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It's just science

The mechanical bull operator at this particular bar gave all the assembled drunks a lesson in basic physics: backsides in motion tend to stay in motion.

As anyone who made it through 9th grade remembers that the bigger the backside, the more it’s going to resist a change in direction. Let’s just say this woman was doing a heck of a lot of resisting. Her booty bounces throughout to the point that it’s hard to tell where the motion comes from the changes in direction and where it’s just the lady playing it up for her adoring fans.

While we aren’t sure if she made it the requisite eight seconds for a score, it doesn’t sound like the crowd is complaining.

Unfortunately for her audience, all good things must come to an end — and this woman and her massive hind end are no exception. Eventually, her backside’s desire to keep moving came up against the motion of the bull and they decided to part ways. She flew off the bull booty-first to cheers and dejected sighs from the crowd.

If you want to get more people into STEM, maybe this video is your first recruiting tool. You have to go after people where they live. And it’s a good thing she opted for the dress instead of sliding into a pair of jeans. Because then you’d have to close your physics lecture with a brief lesson on witchcraft.

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