Ashanti and Joe Budden Get Into Heated Discussion About the Singer Calling Out a Fan for Throwing Money at Her

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Ashanti’s whole appearance on a new episode of Everyday Struggle can be summed up in three words: “Joe, what’s good?”

The singer rolled up on the daily hip-hop debate show to let them know she wasn’t having their jokes about her and a recent performance where a fan threw money on her as if she was a stripper. Ashanti wanted the whole struggle crew to know that today she has time in her very own Miley-Minaj moment.

The singer laid into the whole crew for joking that she deserved to be treated like a stripper because of the song “Rain On Me.”

“‘Rain On Me’ is a very powerful record that spoke about domestic violence,” she said. “Where you’re going with ‘Rain On Me’ may be somewhere else, but I’m hear to clear it up. That’s what the record is about.”

Beyond the anger, Ashanti went back and forth and debated Budden about the incident.

“I had on a bodysuit with boots which 90 percent of my peers wear which we perform in,” she said. “We’re there to do a show. So that’s what you wear.”

She also drew the line between herself and strippers in clear terms.

“Strippers are naked. They have on thongs I’ve never seen a stripper in a bodysuit,” she said.

Joe countered that Ashanti must never have been in a strip club.

“I was at [Ace Of Diamonds] a month ago,” she said. “What are you talking about?”

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