Angela Simmons Shows Off Her Curves

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All we can say is 'wow'

It might not be the best day for a message about natural bodies and love of self to be heard, given the roar of Nicki Minaj’s internet-breaking and highly stylized Paper photos, but Angela Simmons still proudly posted her photos to Instagram with a caption focused on self-love.

Simmons clearly listened to King Kendrick when he asked to see something natural. Given what she’s working with, it’s easy to see why she would want to show it off.

The naturally curvy Simmons explained that she had trouble accepting that her body could be beautiful given the airbrushed images of less voluptuous women she encountered. She’s coming through her insecurities and figured out how to love her own body even after having a child.

Simmons stressed that she does her best to live a healthy lifestyle, but accepts that she’ll never reach someone else’s idea of perfection. Even so, plenty of people in her comments are here to tell her that she’s hit the nail on the head as far as they are concerned.

“Just Beautiful!!” wrote one fan. “Glad you accept what you have. I wish all Women did instead of competing with each other. We all beautiful no matter what size.”

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Source: Instagram @angelasimmons