Alexis Skyy and ‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Camilla Read Each Other for Filth on Social Media

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Why, though?

It all started, as many problems do, with a little bit of twerking.

Alexis Skyy got into an internet twerk-off with Tokyo Toni over Instagram Live. Naturally, folks from other reality TV spheres just couldn’t help but jump in with their two cents. You don’t become a Bad Girl by keeping your mouth shut as Bad Girls Club star Camilla Poindexter proved by jumping in the ring with Skyy over the clip.

“If I just had a premature baby, I would not be in a photoshoot everyday and twerking on Instagram,” she wrote. “I think I’m the only parent who can really be with their child. I mean, enjoy life, but damn.”

Skyy came back with heat, looking to shut the whole conversation down with one reply.

“If I had a baby by somebody else’s husband I would…nvm. Be blessed, bad girl,” she wrote.

Camilla responded to let Alexis know that she’s “highly blessed and favored” before warning Skyy that “this ain’t what you want.”

Skyy failed to heed her warnings and returned to Camilla’s alleged dirty dealings with NFL player Donald Penn. Finally, things got to the point where they couldn’t even type at each other anymore. The pair dragged each other in dueling Instagram Live videos.

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