Akon Ordered to Pay $164k in Back Rent

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A Matter of Koncern

It has been recently publicized that hip-hop artist Akon has been ordered to pay a hefty fee to a leasing company for unpaid bills he has incurred. According to TMZ, Akon entered into an agreement with GTFM, a leasing company, in July of 2012 to pay $25k per month for a space on the 66th floor of the Empire State Building.

Akon was reportedly using the space for his fashion line, Aliaune Milano. He had been paying his rent up until July of 2015, then suddenly stopped paying. The rent continued to be unpaid until his company left the space in January 2016, leaving Akon responsible for nearly seven months of unpaid rent.

Akon at American Music Awards

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Image