Black Woman Gets Racist Note on Food Chain Receipt: “Add Watermelon for This…

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Absolutely unacceptable

A Georgia woman is up in arms after allegedly receiving an insulting receipt from a Panera Bread in Druid Hills. The African-American customer, who asked not to be identified, was lambasted on her order for substituting watermelon into a fruit salad.

On the reciept that she shared with Atlanta’s ABC affiliate, the substitution had been typed out as “Add watermelon for this stupid b*tch.”

The customer said that she was shocked by the seemingly out-of-nowhere attack. She couldn’t believe that a company like Panera Bread would stand for something like that.

“I was floored. What are your morals? What does Panera Bread stand for?” she asked. “Across the board it was unacceptable.”

panera insult receipt

Source: WSB-TV