15 Most Rapped About Liquor Brands

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Popping Bottles is a Rappers Motto

Whether you’re sipping slow on some cognac, having a few cold ones, or turning all the way up in the club, chronic hip hop jams flow right down to your core, to your soul. As that loose juice combines with that flame track inside your body, it creates a sensation of transcendental euphoria. Scientists call this phenomenon “Feelin’ Yourself”

Anyone who’s sipped a little Hen before listening to 3-6 Mafia back in the day can verify this claim. Or these days if you’re full of that Ciroc and the glorious, gospel-esque sounds of Chance the Rapper, or you’re 5 shots deep of that Maker’s Mark and G-Eazy comes on making you feel way too sexy and fly, you’ll be compelled to go with the scientists on this one.

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