15 Most Charitable Rappers

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Which rappers come home and show love?

Ballin, stuntin’, gettin’ my ends: These rappers stacked up enough cheddar to really do their part and give back to the community.

In a culture that seems to revolve around, as Biggie puts it, “Money, h**s and clothes, is all a n****a knows,” it’s refreshing to see rappers give back to the community. Whether it’s giving out coats and turkeys during the holidays, Nino Brown style, or providing clean water to countries in Africa, these rappers stepped up to the plate and did their share.

A lot of times, it takes maturity and wisdom to step back, see the bigger picture, and realize that you really can do a lot to help others. In an industry that thrives on youth and the dream of overnight success, it takes a while for the new hip hop heavy hitter on the block to realize how much capacity for change they really possess. To be honest, I don’t blame someone who really started at the bottom and needs to get their shine on, but after a while, that superficial stunting gets old and leaves a void deep down in the depths of your soul. Successful people usually come around and pitch in where they see people in need. Plus, you can write that off on your taxes, believe that playboy.

Credit: Twitter @Dee1music

Credit: Twitter @Dee1music

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