10 Rappers and Singers Who Support the LGBT Movement

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These hip hop artists are all about free love

As an entertainer, it can be difficult to come out as gay. The subject is still taboo, and, unfortunately, you may lose a portion of your fan base by doing so. Hip hop has a bad reputation of homophobia. We love Eminem, but his Marshall Mathers LP was a homophobic manifesto. We love the Wu-Tang Clan, but Raekwon and Ghostface Killah use the F Bomb way too much. But there are some rappers and singers who are vocal about their support for the LGBT community.

Coming out is never easy, and we still live in a world full of hate. If the hip hop world can move past this history of homophobia that plagues the industry it can completely move into the 21st century. We’ve compiled a list of rappers and singers who are upfront with their support of the LGBT community.

Credit: ANGELA WEISS / Getty Images

Credit: ANGELA WEISS/Getty Images

Check out these LGBT-friendly hip-hop artists!