Former LAPD Detective: “I Know Who Killed Tupac”

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Tupac: Resurrection (2003)Directed by Lauren LazinShown: Tupac Shakur


Just a few days removed from Tupac Shakur’s birthday, a former LAPD detective claims he knows who is responsible for the icon’s death.

Former LAPD detective Russell Poole claims he received a tip back in 1998 that was a direction confession of the murder. A jail informant disclosed Malcolm Patton claims he was responsible for the hit on Pac. Patton said him and his brother, a Long Beach Crip named Donald Smith carried out the shooting with assistance from Death Row’s head of security Reggie Wright and Suge Knight’s former wife.

Long story short, the shooting was executed for Wright to become head of Death Row, a position he assumed while Suge was in jail and for Knight’s wife to receive more money from his mogul husband in the midst of their divorce settlement. Find out more via Vice.