Foodie Friday: Chipotle’s Secret Menu

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Have you ever dinned at Chipotle and wanted something different other than a burrito bowl, tacos, or salad? How about instead some loaded nachos, a quesadilla or a burrito supreme? Well, you no longer have to worry, because this is all attainable at any Chipotle nationwide.

They don’t and probably won’t tell you this, but Chipotle has a secret menu that has a wide variety of offerings separate from the main menu. Dishes like quesadilla’s, loaded nachos and the queserito (a burrito and quesadilla in one) and a lot more make up this “hush hush” menu. To order from the menu, you just simple walk up and ask them to make your specific item. Keep in mind, they have the right to refuse your request, if their super busy, but if not…brava!

In addition to Chipotle’s secret menu, a lot of other popular fast food chains have the same “don’t tell” menu. Click here for the full list of others.

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