Foodie Friday: Bodega Sandwiches

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We’re in the thick of summer with August being the warmest month of the year. When you want a quick meal, no one wants to be home cooking on a stove or in the oven. A quick and reliable fix to this is the corner store bodega sandwich!

For decades, local bodegas around the country in urban neighborhoods have been making, arguably, the best and hefty-looking sandwiches. For a solid $6.50, you can easily get a foot long hero, loaded with your favorites a bag of chips and drink and be alright. Although the Subway’s and Wahwah’s of the world make great sandwiches, too, there’s honestly no comparison to a sandwich made from your local corner bodega — whether hot or cold.

It’s been reported that some people will wait in line for a solid 20 minutes or more for a good sandwich, like at Farmer In The Deli in Brooklyn where they offer up the selection of hot, cold, and chopped-up sandwiches.

What’s your favorite type of sandwich? Are you a turkey and swiss or are you a ham and cheddar type of person? Or do you get your fixing on a roll or hero?

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