Foodie Friday: Auntie Fee

Foodie Friday: Auntie Fee

Meet Auntie Fee, a foul mouth cook from Compton, California, who gained notoriety and YouTube fame from her entertaining cooking “tutorial videos.” Auntie Fee is no trained gourmet chef, but through her meals which are made with “love” she keeps you coming back. It all started last summer, when her son Tavis Hunter, who’s also her cameraman, posted a four-minute clip of her online and the piece went viral. Following thousands of views, Auntie Fee ended up blogs, magazines and newspapers. Some of Auntie Fee’s famed dishes consist of: “Sweet Treats For The Kids” [youtube clipid=”9VXQltHSkyY” autoplay=”0″] “Baked Chicken” [youtube clipid=”nHbajQ8U8Fw” autoplay=”0″] “Dumb Good Mac n’ Cheese” [youtube clipid=”XvqAkfKGQms” autoplay=”0″] “Burritos” [youtube clipid=”otAVGbTs6ds” autoplay=”0″] To date, she has been a repeat guest on Steve Harvey’s talk show and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

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