Florida Rapper Gets Arrested on 9-Year Anniversary of DJ Drama's Mixtape Raid

Florida Rapper Gets Arrested on 9-Year Anniversary of DJ Drama’s Mixtape Raid

Reebok Seeding Lounge Workout With French Montana, Lita Lewis And DJ Drama
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Well, what a coincidence? First, let’s rewind back to 2007 when a young and hungry DJ Drama was working the mixtape circuit. With Wayne forging his lane as the mixtape king with his Dedication Opus and Jeezy feeding the streets pure trap fire, Drama’s reign as the go-to mixtape dude was undeniable. It was to the point that the feds decided to raid his studio in Atlanta and seize over 50,000 mixtapes. This was a day in infamy and forever changed how people viewed the mixtape game since the government viewed this as boot-legging. Now, why is this important? [ad type=’inarticle1′] Fast forward nine years ago and we have this story. Back in October, an 18-year-old named Volvique Louis Jean Jr was speeding and being a danger to students at a local high school in Del Ray Beach; Jean nearly ran the kids over because of his reckless driving. [ad type=’inarticle2′] When he was pulled over, he did something so surreal and unheard of, it made us do a double take. [continueReading]
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