Final Episode of Yo! MTV Raps

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Today marks an important chapter in hip-hop history when the last and finale episode of Yo! MTV Raps aired on MTV. From 1988 to 1995, the show had a variety of hosts which included DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince as the first hosts including its main hosts, Ed Lover and Dr. Dre.

Created by Ted Demme who had such a natural fondness for hip hop and rap music, he saw that the music — in its infancy — had great potential with a solid impact worldwide.

From its pilot episode, which gained national attention and critical fanfare, MTV could no longer ignore the demand for hip-hop music and that’s how Yo! MTV Raps was born. Thanks, Ted!

Yo! MTV Raps had many memorable moments but nothing crazier than when the 2Pac verbally admitted to beating one of the Hughes brothers (film directors of the seminal classic Menace II Society) up on a live airing of the show.

Yo MTV Raps brought hip-hop music to the forefront as it aired over a million of homes.

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