Fighting Words...Mayweather Admits to Smashing T.I.'s Wife, Tiny

Fighting Words…Mayweather Admits to Smashing T.I.’s Wife, Tiny

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At a recent press conference for his upcoming September 13 rematch with Marcos Maidana, Floyd Mayweatehr admits to having sex with T.I.’s wife Tiny after denying it in previous interviews.  Someone in the audience yelled, “What about T.I?”, to which the boxer responded, “I fucked the bitch….I was fucking his bitch. Money maker gonna make it do what it do, baby.” We don’t know if this is Mayweather’s way of getting back at Tiny who gave him the cold shoulder when he tried to get her attention on the red carpet at this year’s BET Awards or it it is an actual fact. Maybe only the two of them know the truth but I don’t think T.I is going to be happy about this. All of this has come on the heels of the now infamous altercation between the rapper and the boxer at a Fatburger Restaurant in Las Vegas. The altercation occurred because Tiny was spending time with Mayweather and his entourage….this could get interesting.
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