'Faye Don't Play' When It Comes To Her Sons Sexuality

‘Faye Don’t Play’ When It Comes To Her Sons Sexuality

Photo Credit: MTV #Eat a hundred d*@#$!” Faith Evans, mother of CJ Wallace, AKA Notorious B.I.G.’s son, had some harsh words on Twitter for gossip blogger Sandra Rose. Faith has now deleted the tweet. Photo Credit: Instagram

CJ posted this photo of him hugging a male companion on graduation day to Instagram. The caption read  “no sus”, which can also mean “no homo”. But some took it as a coming out. Rose and her army of internet trolls blasted CJ on social media. But Faith was NOT havin’ it!

When Faith got wind of it, not only did she indirectly rectify the rumor, she told Rose to eat a hundred dicks on twitter with a direct tweet. CJ has not yet commented on the rumor, nor has Faith, but judging by her response, she wasn’t too happy with what the blogger had to say about her baby boy…

Congratulations TO LITTLE B.I.G. FO!    
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