EXCLUSIVE: Saigon Invades Action Bronson's Studio Session

EXCLUSIVE: Saigon Invades Action Bronson’s Studio Session

[youtube clipid=”MKIIxIYoiHg” autoplay=”0″] While Action Bronson was in Manhattan Studio working on his debut album titled¬†Mr. Wonderful, rapper Saigon stopped by with Hip Hop My Way in tow to ask him some questions and talk about the importance of originality. Action Bronson is a guy who is blazing his own trail in the game of hip hop. He is known for not only his sharp rhymes, but also for his exciting live shows where he’s been known to clothesline fans into the crowd as well as crowd surf. In this exclusive interview, the two rappers talk about the keys to longevity and what makes certain artists stand out. There were rumors of the two being in a super group allegedly named M.A.R.S after the song and video title M.A.R.S went crazy on the internet. Is there a super group? Will Action Bronson’s album live up to the hype? Check the activity in this video and get informed…only on HipHopMyWay.com
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