Eminem And Louis Farrakhan Have Dinner

Eminem And Louis Farrakhan Have Dinner

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Source: Instagram: @LouisFarrakhan
Louis Farrakhan is in the midst of promoting the #JusticeOrElse-themed 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. In doing so, the minister has been asking some of today’s most popular rappers in an attempt to spread awareness for his cause. The Minister’s latest meeting shows he doesn’t discriminate race when it comes to talking to hip hop greats. [ad type=’inarticle1′] [related id=22909] While in Detroit, Louis Farrakhan chopped it up with the best and biggest MC the city has to offer. The NOI leader had dinner with Eminem, which may surprise people considering his color of skin, proving this is bigger than black versus white. According to an inside source, the meeting was in the making for “over 10 years” and Farrakhan seemed touched by the sit-down, which he described as a “beautiful dialogue.” [ad type=’inarticle2′] SHARE this with your friends!

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