Eddie Murphy's First Joke In 28 Years Was A Bill Cosby Impression

Eddie Murphy’s First Joke In 28 Years Was A Bill Cosby Impression

Eddie Murphy Does Bill Cosby Joke
Screenshot via Youtube
It’s been 28 years since Eddie Murphy has hit the stage to do a stand-up routine, but he made one of his more controversial jokes this past weekend when he accepted his Mark Twain Prize. The comedian gave an acceptance speech following his receiving the award, and did an impression of Bill Cosby for the crowd and viewers, which has been in high-demand following the veteran comedian’s recent scandal. After refusing to do the impression on Saturday Night Live!, for which he believed would be “kicking a man when he’s down,” Murphy continued on with the impression on his own merit during the awards ceremony. [ad type=’inarticle1′] These two comedians have a history with going at one another, as Cosby previously chastised Murphy for his foul language use in his Raw stand-up film. During his acceptance speech, Murphy took a shot at Cosby during his impression, joking that he wasn’t asked to return his own Mark Twain Prize that he received back in 2009. He also joked on Cosby transitioning from his clean image in society, to having over 50 women accuse him of sexual assault. [ad type=’inarticle2′] Be sure to SHARE this with your friends. [youtube clipid=”TTfCqGtV1zU” autoplay=”0″]

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