Drake to Pay Up For 'Jacking for Rhymes'

Drake to Pay Up For ‘Jacking for Rhymes’

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images
It was earlier reported that Drake and Bay area Rapper Rappin’ 4-Tay came to a settlement of $100K for Drake spitting 4-Tay’s verse almost verbatim on the YG summer banger Who Do You Love, but according to 4-Tay’s manager, Herman Watson, that number was way off. “The real number is sky-high” Watson says. “That [$100,000] they reported is a low-ass number. TMZ made it seem like It was a one time thing to shut him up. There’s also royalties involved, and continuous payment. This is forever. This is a part of his ‘Playaz Club’ package from here on.” Watson says they won’t disclose numbers but the ones that were reported were far from actual. Rappin’ 4-Tay is no stranger to dealings with Cash Money records as he worked on the soundtrack of the movie Baller Blockin. He goes on to say, Baby and Slim, the CEO’s of Cash Money Records are his folk and there is no love lost on either end. They also plan to work together again in the very near future.
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