Dr Dre, Highest Earner In Hip Hop History

Dr Dre, Highest Earner In Hip Hop History

Dr Dre at the 2013 BET Experience Concert
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for BET
This week in Hip Hop news, Forbes released their annual report of Hip Hop Cash Kings list for 2014 and Dr Dre tops the list with a whopping $620 million dollars, that is of course before Uncle Sam gets his cut. Forbes reports that, not only did the Doc earn the most money ever reported on the list, but he earned more money combined by everyone on the list. Early this year, Dre sold Beats Headphones to technology giant Apple for a nominal $3.2 million, of which Dr. Dre walked away with the lion’s share, landing the #1 spot.


Jay Z and Diddy are tied for #2 spot with $60 million in earnings this year. Drake lands in the #3 spot with $33 million followed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who arrive at the #4 slot with earnings totaling $32 million dollars. Kanye West comes pretty close to the #4 spot as well with earnings of about $30 million. Others on the list include Nicki Minaj who took the #11 spot, independent artist Tech-9,  J.Cole and DJ Khaled who are tied at #20.

Congratulations to everyone who made the list. Hip Hop is finally getting the respect and recognition denied by other industries and genres for so long. This is huge for our culture, not because these guys earned millions of dollars, but because everyone on the list are highly influential in our culture and in society as whole.Hip Hop was once considered to be a phase but it has since then proved to be much more. Salute to those who strive to keep the hip hop culture alive.



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