Don’t Kill My Vibe: The Best Hip Hop Interview Rants & Outbursts

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Kanye West Vs. Sway

This is infamous rant that catapulted Sway into another stratosphere. Kanye West demolished Sway after the iconic music journalist tried to advise him to be an entrepreneur for his self. “It ain’t Ralph, though!” and “You don’t have the answers, Sway!” will always be embedded in our hearts.

Lil Mama Vs. Charlemagne Tha God

Lil Mama was brought to tears after Charlemagne roasted her about her career — or lack their of and more. This was just ruthless.

Cam’ron Vs. Bill O’Reilly

When Cam’ron and Dame Dash was asked to be on Bill O’Reilly’s show, who knew the hell he would raise? His infamous “U Mad” became a staple for Killa when he decimated O’Reilly and a school principal.