Don’t Kill My Vibe: The Best Hip Hop Interview Rants & Outbursts

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The best part of interviews, as seldom as it is, is when the artists walks off or destroys the journalist who dared to question them. We’ve seen it all. From Kanye’s glorious diatribe on Sway to Lil Mama’s puddle of tears on The Breakfast Club, these interviews are deemed classic because of how it went down.

Lil Mama Crying

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The Best Hip Hop Interview Rants & Outbursts

Joe Budden Vs. Tax Stone

Joe Budden and Tax Stone bumped heads after Joe coyly plays therapist and tries to calm the hotheaded host after he blew up on the Jersey rapper. Joe walked off after Tax Stone continued to berate him.

R.Kelly Vs. Huffington Post

R.Kelly kept his cool against a very pugnacious journalist who attempted to pin him in a corner when asking about his sex life. He was able to dodge the bullet by playing nice, but later walked off.