Do We Really Need Another JAY Z Album? [Op-Ed]

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TIDAL X: Jay-Z B-sides in NYC on May 17, 2015 in New York City.

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Listen, I’ve been riding with Shawn Carter since day one. Reasonable Doubt etched Hov’s name among promising New York prospects. The Blueprint and Black Album solidified his indomitable run as the King of Rap. Bar for bar, very few can tango with Jigga. His entire reign was imbued with hunger and swagger. He salivated for that number one spot and he earned it.

Hov ran this town over and over again. With a supporting cast ranging from Bleek, Sigel, and Cam to Rihanna, Kanye, and Bey, he has won rings time and time again. Jay Z has done it all. He’s conquered the charts with street and club bangers. “PSA” will forever live in the club. “Empire State of Mind” will forever be embedded in the hearts and minds of New Yorkers.

So, with a laundry list of accomplishments, does Jay really need another album to properly bid adieu?


Jay Z Performs At The Staples Center

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No, he doesn’t. While Magna Carta isn’t exactly fitting to be Jay’s swan song, we shouldn’t expect Hov to get back in the studio anytime soon. During his interview with The Breakfast Club, Memphis Bleek even explained why he felt Hov was probably done making albums. With it already being a task within itself to lock him down in the studio for simply a verse, do you think Hov has the time to pin down 13 tracks for a new album?

While it would be refreshing, I think we would be ok with Jay just dropping verses and doing features every now and then. What’s more for him to prove? He’s done it all. Maybe for the thrill? Maybe to see if he can spar with today’s youth? That would be cool, but he already showed he can hop on tracks with a J.Cole, Drake, and Kendrick with no problem at all.

Let Jay rest and allow the newcomers to make history of their own. The same way we can watch Jordan walk into the sunset, let’s allow Jay’s legacy to live on without any questions or doubts because he has delivered like Jordan in the clutch. SHARE this story with your friends.