Dizaster Gives Math Hoffa a Dose of His Own Medicine, Seriously

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don’t know if you want to call it karma but during the second day of King of the Dot’s two day Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) 5 event at Los Globos, battle rap bully Math Hoffa was punched in his face, hard.

He was battling famed battle rapper Dizaster when toward the end of the battle, Dizaster said, “Fucking waste of life. I should punch you in the fucking face right now.” And then… BANG!, he did it.


Math Hoffa is no strange to fighting at rap battles at all. He was the first in a fight with Philly battle rapper, Dose, who Math punched after he felt disrespected. He also got into some controversy last year for punching Serious Jones at Summer Madness 3.

What people are saying already is it’s the perfect example of karma.

It’s no surprise to many that these two would clash eventually. Supposedly the beef started two years ago and was sparked by a fan’s Twitter comment.


The fight is spreading all over the internet after being filmed by multiple people present during the battle.

Is this bad for battle rap? 

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