Death of a C.E.O.: Artists Who Called Out Birdman in 2015

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Earlier this year, Tyga was very critical on Birdman and in spite, released his album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty through Spotify. Birdman was working on trying to take Tyga to court.

Rick Ross

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In his candid interview with The Breakfast Club last week, Ross sided with Wayne over his rift with Birdman. Even though Ross once viewed Birdman as a role model in the business sense, all that changed because of his label fiasco regarding Weezy. “I don’t have one [a relationship] with Birdman. If you read the Source Magazine you would see that. Really me just seeing what Wayne is going through as an artist, him being a boss. Me idolizing Birdman at a time, me looking up to Lil Wayne, Wayne being the first artist to make so may feats, not just as an artist but as a artist coming rom the South, that’s something I took personal. So for me to see the way that things are transpiring, I can’t respect that and I don’t respect that.”

Pusha T

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Pusha T isn’t bashful at all. So during his interview with Mikey T, he didn’t mind conveying his true feelings regarding Birdman as a person. “If you steal something then that’s just corny. If you steal something and you stealing it contractually, that’s like the lowest form of a thief. Like a cat burglar. It’s not even respectable in no way, shape, or form. You ain’t even thuggin’ it…I ain’t respected Baby for a long time no way, so it don’t matter,” he said.