Dave Chappelle Agrees With Kanye West's Take On Paparazzi

Dave Chappelle Agrees With Kanye West’s Take On Paparazzi

Dave Chappelle earned a cover on GQ Magazine, named by the publication as one of 2014 Men of the Year. During the sit-down, the comedian discusses buying weed from Idris Elba and Kanye West’s take on comparing dealing with the paparazzi to the civil rights movement. Here’s his funny, yet serious quote on the topic below:
“Well, okay now, I don’t know about that. But I do see a common denominator in the sense that the issue of privacy in general is everyone’s issue … If someone sits there and stares at you while you eat, you wont’ even eat the way you normally do, because it’ll make you uncomfortable. If I look at my dog while he’s eating, he will look at me like, ‘Dave, I will bite you. What are you looking at? I’m trying to eat.’ It’s something that dehumanizes a person, being on display like that.”
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