Cutest Kids in Hip Hop Awards

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Johan Jackson

Fabolous kid Johan Jackson

Johan’s 1st day of 1st Grade #PrinceJosoFollow
Instagram @myfabolouslife

The son of Fabolous, Johan Jackson has demonstrated in early pictures that he is capable of being a complete heartbreaker when he’s older.

Angelina Claudette Jean

Angelina Jean Wyclef Jeans daughter

I took over my daddy’s Instagram cause I miss him so much !
Instagram @wyclefjean

She may have a fancy name, but Angelina Claudette Jean is a surprisingly down-to-earth kid. Her dad, Wyclef Jean, has made it clear that he’s super proud of his daughter.

Milan Amor

Saigon and Milan Amor

Instagram @saigon_nyc

Little beauty, Milan Amor, is daddy Saigons favorite sidekick. The little promoter has been helping her daddy out by showing off his new album (so what if she thinks its a chew toy!) and wearing a hat with her daddys name.