Crazy Or Nah? Rappers Who Made Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

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In hip hop history, rappers have constantly been giving us lyrics and rhymes that sometimes raise eyebrows, but there are definitely many that do it off the mic. Whether it’s been in interviews or on social medias, some rappers have been expressing their beliefs in particular conspiracy theories, such as most recently, B.o.B. The rapper was ripped on Twitter after he went on a rant about believing that Earth was flat, and not actually round as we are led to believe.


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B.o.B. caught a lot of flack this week after the rapper shared his thoughts on the Earth being flat. He went on a long tirade about it, and even came under fire from Neil DeGrasse Tyson for his theory.

Lupe Fiasco

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Lupe Fiasco is known for sharing some “bizarre” theories, and one of his wildest was his claims that there is a “New World Order” and the government did not properly investigate the 9/11 terrorist attacks.