Concerts That Should Have Had An HBO Special

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Hip hop has seen a ton of epic rap concerts over the years, but there were some that absolutely go down in history as the greatest shows of all-time. So many tours and cities have made their mark on artists’ careers, but there were a select few that we wish had been documented professionally by HBO, so we could experience it over and over again. With J. Cole’s Homecoming special set to air in a few weeks, we thought about other concerts we wish we could see on television.

Nas: Time is Illmatic Screening And Live Performance In Oakland

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Check out concerts we wish had an HBO special on the following pages.

Watch The Throne Tour

jayz kanye west wtt concert

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There’s no question that the Watch The Throne Tour was one for the history books, but the Paris show alone definitely should have had a special. The guys performed “Ni**as In Paris” 11 times straight!

Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark Tour


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While the Yeezus Tour was certainly amazing, Kanye’s Glow In The Dark Tour had some of his earlier stages of showing his creativity to the world. It would have been epic to have that footage accessibility.