Come Home With Me: Top 10 Best Hip-Hop Cribs

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Diddy’s Manhattan Pad

Diddy's Bachelor Pad

Diddy’s pad, located in a high rise condominium building in Manhattan includes a customized wet bar, entertainment center and glass piano. Oh you fancy, huh Diddy?

Diddy pad 3

Diddy’s eat-in kitchen is super chic with views of the New York City skyline.

Diddy Pad 4

Diddy’s gorgeous bedroom consists of this ultra-chic glass piano.

Diddy pad 5

Drake talks about views from the six. This is the real life thing!


Pharrell’s Miami Playland

Pharell Penthouse

Pharrell Williams paid $12 million for his Miami pad and it consists of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, one home theatre and a penthouse pool.

Pharrell Penthouse 1

Pharrell’s bedroom which overlooks Miami is definitely not a bad view to wake up to every morning.

Pharrell Penthouse 2

Pharrell is such a kid at heart. So, you know he had to have space for all his toys.

Pharrell Penthouse 3

Everyone should have a reading room like this. But, everyone isn’t Pharrell Williams!

Birdman’s Miami Mansion

Birdman mansion

Baby, president of Cash Money Records paid $14.5 million for his Palm Island, Florida home. You know the Birdman is gonna do it big!

Birdman Mansion 2

Welcome to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, the Birdman edition!

Birdman Crib 3

Baby’s spiral staircase that leads to the kitchen is so gorge.

Birdman Crib 4

A nice, quaint living room to throw off everything else that is not so nice and quaint in Baby’s mansion.

Birdman Crib 5

Baby has a five-star resort in his backyard. So awesome!