Chinx’s Posthumous Debut LP “Welcome To JFK”

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Welcome to JFK

Today is a bitter sweet day in hip as it’s the release of Welcome To JFK, the freshman debut album from the late great young NYC hip-hop recording artist Chinx formally known as Chinx Drugz. Chinx was the type of artist to take the money he received from doing a show the night before and spend it the next day with a video director to filming another video for up-and-coming projects. Chinx believed that in life, you never get what you deserve but you only receive what you negotiate. There’s a reason why he was an independent artist and he placed his best foot forward. In other words, there was no way you couldn’t tell him that he would not become a star.

Welcome to JFK was much more then just an album for Chinx; it was a form of inspiration for all those that were birthed in inner city neighborhoods and raised in poverty, and he let his listeners that no matter one’s upbringing, you can still make it to the top and shine like a star. While working on the record, Chinx built his own team of producers, radio staff, A&R reps, brand marketers, all in-house and all with one common goal: to win. Chinx had the mindset of that we all work for each other. Like you hear in sports, there’s no “i” in team.

Chinx left behind a wife and three kids. He kept his family separate from the business because, as always, family is personal and business was kept in a strictly business matter. He once referred to his life that what he was doing was no different from an actor. He made a video from his heartfelt lyrics and amazing storytelling told from the point-of-view growing in the NYC ghettos. Welcome to JFK symbolizes hope, determination, and growth because if you can make it in New York City, as the saying goes, you can make it anywhere. As an imperative, go to iTunes and pick up Welcome To JFK. The album features from French Montana, Ty Dolla Sign, Stack Bundles, and a few others. You won’t disappointed so SHARE with fellow fans. RIP.

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