SUITED UP: The Best Camo Gear

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Although most Americans will be BBQ and out at the beach and park this weekend, let’s not forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a holiday for U.S. soldiers who died while serving for our countries’ armed forces. So to remember our falling soldiers, check out HHMW’s guide to the best camo gear that will not only have your paying homage but right for the summer season.



OBEY Recon Camo Cargo Shorts: $65

Camo Shorts

Urban Outfitters

Obey your style with these OBEY Recon camo cargo shorts.

OFF WHITE C/O Virgil ABLOH: $1,284

Off white jacket


A lil’ pricey, but you’ll be the flyest n*gga dude on the block with this Off-White jacket.