Bobby Shumrda's Mom Says Her Son Doesn't Understand the Music Industry

Bobby Shumrda’s Mom Says Her Son Doesn’t Understand the Music Industry

Bobby Shmurda Earlier this week, Bobby Shmurda went on a Instagram rant claiming he’s considering going back to trap pin’ due to not getting paid from making music. The Brooklyn based MC’s mother/manager, Leslie Pollard spoke on the accident in defense of her superstar son. In an interview with Billboard, Mommy Shmurda stated:
“It’s not that he’s not getting paid, it’s that he’s new to the business. “There’s a chain of command that he has to go through before he gets his payment. I guess he’s thinking all the money should go from the front man to his hands – it doesn’t work like that. Of course they hold onto it so he actually does the show. Then it goes to his business manager, then to the touring accountant, and then to him.”
Stay tuned for more information on the developing story.
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