Bobby Shmurda's Mother Defends Her Son In New Interview

Bobby Shmurda’s Mother Defends Her Son In New Interview

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“They have their eyes on the minority youth in our neighborhood and they know what they want to do and what they want to see from them.” – Leslie Pollard, mother of Bobby Shmurda
Reporter Lisa Evers of Fox 5 News sat down with Bobby Shmurda’s mother Leslie Pollard earlier this week at the Brooklyn seafood restaurant that she owns. She is determined to clear her son, Bobby Shmurda’s name and believes that the cops are targeting her son and his friends. Leslie Pollard believes that her son is a born entertainer and not a criminal. She visits Bobby Shmurda in jail two times a week. Bobby Shmurda who is currently locked up for weapon, murder and conspiracy charges has had his $2 million bail denied twice. Watch the full interview with Lisa Evers above.
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