Bobby Shmurda's Lawyer Gives An Update on His Case

Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Gives An Update on His Case

[youtube clipid=”G_J6q9n0F30″ autoplay=”0″] Bobby Shmurda’s lawyer Kenneth J. Montgomery recently sat down for an interview with and gave an update on Bobby Shmurda’s case. Prior to getting in depth about Bobby Shmurda’s case, Kenneth J. Montgomery spoke on white supremacy in America and how it’s becoming a very serious problem. Mr. Montgomery believes that Bobby Shmurda was exploited last year from his song “Hot N*gga” as it was approved by mostly white men who wanted to exploit hip hop culture and capitalize off of Bobby Shmurda’s struggles. Although he does not have an exact date of when Bobby Shmurda’s next court will be, Kenneth J. Montgomery stated that Bobby Shmurda is doing okay with the situation and that he has a fighting spirit. He also let everyone know that Bobby Shmurda is currently in protective custody. Watch the full interview above. [related id=23841] [sweigh]

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