Bedroom Burglar: Man Hides Under Ex's Bed For Five Days

Bedroom Burglar: Man Hides Under Ex’s Bed For Five Days

Spotswood Police Department
A man who just couldn’t accept the fact that his relationship with his girlfriend was over. Usually, when exes don’t get the picture they send gifts to make peace, apologize over and over or even stalk. Not this guy as, instead, he his under his ex’s bed for five days! [ad type=’inarticle1′] According to reports from the Spotswood, New Jersey police department, Jason Hubbard snuck into his ex-girlfriends house, and hid under her bed for five days, until he was found by his ex-girlfriends father. Apparently, Hubbard snuck into the family’s home through an open door while someone was taking out the trash. Once inside, he stayed under the bed and charged his phones with a nearby outlet. This nut job Hubbard was discovered when the homeowner heard a noise coming from the bedroom, proceeded to look under the bed, and immediately called the police. Hubbard has since been charged with burglary and theft of electricity. [ad type=’inarticle2′] Not sure what Jason Hubbard was actually trying to achieve or do by living under his ex’s bed, but he doesn’t seem like he has all his marbles in check. Check out the full story here. SHARE this story and see what others would do if in that same situation.

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