Beanie Sigel Talks First Rapping For JAY Z On The Rap Radar Podcast

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It’s been a long time since Beanie Sigel has been on the music map, but he’s slowly coming back into the rap light. The former Roc-A-Fella MC made a grand appearance for a podcast interview with Elliott Wilson and B.Dot of Rap Radar, and he talked about a slew of topics. Most interestingly enough, he even shared the story of what happened when he rapped for JAY Z for the first time.

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What happened when he rapped for JAY Z for the first time

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“Dame [Dash], once he heard me, I guess he came in and told Jay and Biggs to come out and he came out the studio where Jay was at with Bigs. He was like, ‘Yo this nigga right here, I just want you to hear him,’ but I was like reluctant because this wasn’t my meeting. This was for them.”

He gave a “new voice” to Pusha T for their collaboration

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“I don’t know what he officially named the song yet. The song is about taking a loss and bouncing back. Always keeping something in the ceiling. A piece of one of my lungs is missing significantly. My voice. I don’t got the wind like I used to. That breath control. I gotta punch in now. Before I got 1000 bars,  one take. I gotta take a breaths every now and then.”