Bad Boy Singers? R&B’s Nastiest Beefs

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NYLON Midnight Garden Party

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It’s so easy to get enamored with beef, especially on the rap front. We’ve watched titans like Pac and Biggie, Jay Z and Nas, 50 Cent and Ja Rule clash on numerous occasions. While we’ve ravenously watched these battles, other feuds ensued in the world of R&B. Recently, we’ve watched Kevin McCall and Chris Brown bump heads, after being buddies for so long. We’ve always tried to tell you guys: don’t sleep on these R&B cats, because they know how to get busy too when it comes to beef.

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Joe Vs. R.Kelly

Trumpet Awards 2016

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Despite working together in the past, Joe took the gloves off and explained why he and R.Kelly bumped heads a couple of years ago. According to Joe, Kel’s tried to sabotage his career.

“It’s funny because I was getting credible information from [program directors] and friends of mine as well. This guys had no idea these were my friends as well that you are talking to. And, as if they are really going to stop playing my record because you said if you don’t stop playing his record I’m never going to come back to this show,” he explained. “It was really one of those things like you can’t really be serious.”

Chris Brown Vs. Frank Ocean

Chris Brown Billboard Music Awards

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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean actually traded blows – over a parking spot! Like who does that? According to Frank, Chris jumped him and his crew, leaving the crooner with a cut on his finger. Also, Brown wasn’t too happy that Frank took home a Grammy later the following month.