Aziz Ansari Is Hip Hop’s Favorite Groupie

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Hip hop is adored by a lot of outside genre influencers, and while we already know of the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry expressing their love for the culture, Aziz Ansari has to be at the top of the list. The comedian has constantly embraced hip hop culture, and is a huge fan of a lot of our favorite rappers. From clubbing with some of the top artists, to being besties with Kanye West, we need to look at why Aziz Ansari is hip hop’s favorite groupie.

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Check out why Aziz Ansari is hip hop’s favorite groupie on the following pages.

His 50 Cent story

50 Cent not knowing what a grapefruit is may be the best story ever.

He was IN the “Otis” video

This video wouldn’t have been as epic without the standom of Aziz.