Ayesha Curry Is Now The Saltiest Basketball Wife Ever

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This round of NBA Finals has been something to marvel at. From LeBron’s heated confrontation with Draymond Green to the constant trash talking among both the Cavaliers and Warriors, it’s safe to say that this will be an NBA Finals to remember. Game 6 proved to be one of the craziest games we’ve seen in a long time for several reasons, mainly because of a particular Curry.

Andre Ward v Sullivan Barrera

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Here’s why Ayesha Curry won the award of saltiest basketball wife ever.

Ayesha Curry blames Cleveland for preventing the families of Golden State to enter Game 6.

Ayesha Curry tweet against Cavs

Source: Twitter @Ayeshacurry

Before the game even started, Ayesha and her family had difficulty getting inside the Quicken Loans Arena. She alongside other families of Warriors players were forced to sit on the bus until game-time. So, of course, what did Ayesha do? She went to her handy dandy phone and started tweeting away.

Her cousin almost got arrested.

Ayesha Curry tweet against Cavs

Source: Twitter @Ayeshacurry

To make matters worse, Ayesha scurried back onto Twitter to voice more complaints about how bad her family was being treated. According to her, a Cleveland casino refused to allow entry to one of the family members simply because he was a Warriors fan.