Ayesha Curry Gives Some Of The Classiest Comebacks Ever

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When she responded to the reports about Roni Rose

Fans joked that Stephen Curry was off of his game because Roni Rose was staring at him from the front row, making headlines everywhere. Bossip questioned her about it writing, “The relevant story is, did you pull up on the strong jaw jawn like this? *@cthagod voice*.” Ayesha responded, “What I think is you need to leave her alone. They’ve been supporting the dubs for a long time. Stop judging. It’s irrelevant.”

When she laughed at her haters, and continued to laugh all the way through her home

Ayesha Curry

Source: Twitter / @alexisbrassilll

When Ayesha clapped back at a fan by saying her abs hurt from laughing, the follower wrote, “you have abs?” in response. She then wrote back, “you’ll never know right?! Ohhhh theeee ironyyyy. Smh. #joke…sort of.”

When she was so extremely honest.

Ayesha Curry

Source: Instagram / ayeshacurry

While showing her standom for her husband’s team, Ayesha was hit with some shade from a follower, who told her, “But if you weren’t married to Steph you probably wouldn’t know a thing about basketball.” Ayesha gave an honest response, saying. “That is 1000% accurate.”

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