Alex is a writer based in New Orleans. He’s got designer from head to his toes (Hey, Mossimo sounds Italian if you squint your ears). He's covered hip-hop and other pop culture news extensively since graduating from Flagler College with a degree in Journalism in 2012. His work can be found at Uproxx, HotNewHipHop, Consequence of Sound, Offbeat, Folio Weekly and many other publications. Over his five years grinding for various outlets, he’s interviewed local legends, scene kids and your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. He thinks that Juggalos are people, too and an eye-opening interview with Violent J certainly didn’t hurt that opinion. Some of your favorite artists are conspiracy theorists, some of them are real jerks, most of them are kind of boring and all of them will be considered problematic 5 years from now. While he sticks to the hip-hop beat here, he’ll talk your ear off about Carly Rae Jepsen or Screaming Females any day. Find him at any show where the cover is less than $10. Ask him about his favorite lost C86 group, or better yet don’t. (But it’s Twa Toots, duh. Shouts to John Peel Da Gawd). Alex is still trying to figure out how Brockhampton can put out a new song every 15 minutes while he gets tired just walking up the stairs to his apartment He wants the last South Florida rapper to not be sent to jail over a heinous crime to turn off the lights. He firmly believes that 'Damn' is not the best rap album of 2017 and he's willing to fight you over it IRL. Bring a bat if you can’t name more than one Blackstreet song, because it’s going to get ugly. No diggity, no doubt. Find out which flagpole to meet him under at @XanderGalbraith on Twitter. Booking inquiries at [email protected] Link in Bio 201 wants to borrow your notes. Cool?