$UICIDEBOY$New Orleans, Louisiana
Aristos Petros (Ruby Da Cherry), Scott Arceneaux Jr. ($lick $loth/$crim)
Rap duo
Years Active
2013 - present
Hip-Hop, Horrorcore
G*59 Records



$UICIDEBOY$ are a rap duo from New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up as cousins on the East and West Bank of New Orleans, the two were separated as teenagers by their mothers because of all the trouble they got into. Still, each one of them involved themselves in music in their early years.

A few years after they graduated high school, they reunited and formed the $uicideboy$, apparently making a pact in which they agreed to kill themselves if their music career didn’t take off by the age of 30. In 2013, Ruby got a professional camera that he started shooting videos with for fun, which would result in him making music videos for fellow rappers. Eventually, they made their own music videos, which provided the foundation for the group to take off.

Both have had struggles with depression, drug abuse, and mental health. The duo uses their music as a form of therapy, and created a community through their sound for people who may be going through similar challenges.

$UICIDEBOY$ – FOR THE LAST TIME (Official Music Video)

$UICIDEBOY$ – FACE IT (Official Music Video)