Mykel Maxwell
September 19, 1992



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Gate City, Virginia

My name is Mykel Maxwell. I'm from Gate City, VA, a small country town, predominantly white; I've lived here all my life. Music has always been a huge go-to in my life. I was raised in church — my mother was in the choir so music was in my family. Diana Ross is actually my cousin, lol. I got adopted at four and was raised here in Gate City.

I have two daughters, I'm a producer, songwriter, composer, musician, and beat-maker. I used to be in deathmetal bands in middle school 'til a lil bit after graduating high school. I felt like I would find my success, but I was wrong, which devastated me 'cause all I can think about is music and gettin' better. So, I looked up beats late at night, and a new flame sparked, and I've been rappin' and singin' eva since. Been doin this for three years, but only been takin it serious for a year and a half. I've had a lot of lows, tears shed, and lost moments in this music, but I'm hungry and I will never stop. I feel success in my spirit.