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24 is an MC out of Soundview Bronx, New York. When he isn't showing kids how rap is supposed to sound, he is busy putting it down in the kitchen, on your lady, or in the boardroom. Step your life up, and let's get it. 24 - "The Stash"

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Suav Rico

Suav Rico is a solo, up-and-coming, underground artist Virginia. He carries an arsenal of hard but smoove lyrics to uncanny grimey bars he paints on heavy soul-sampled based beats by his main producer, ENGineer out of Canada. His canvas can be related to that of his favorite producers and artist like Rza, Alchemist, Curren$y, and Harry Fraud. Suav Rico -

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$UICIDEBOY$ are a rap duo from New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up as cousins on the East and West Bank of New Orleans, the two were separated as teenagers by their mothers because of all the trouble they got into. Still, each one of them involved themselves in music in their early years. A few years after they graduated high school, they reunited and

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Troy Ave

Troy Ave is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York, taking his name from the block he grew up on. His website states that “after seeing a friend get caught up on a serious charge that he himself narrowly escaped, he figured it was best to take his talents off the streets and into the studio,” noting that he saw “average” rapper from his neighborhood make $100,000,

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Dave East

Dave East is a rapper from Harlem, New York. Growing up in Harlem and Queensbridge, Dave was dedicated to playing basketball, playing in high school, and eventually in college. He also played in the Amateur Athletic Union with future NBA players Ty Lawson, Greivis Vasquez, and Kevin Durant. After basketball didn’t pan out for him, he started selling drugs,

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Young M.A

Young M.A is a rapper out of East Brooklyn, New York. Around age 7, she moved with her mother out of New York to Chesterfield, Virginia, where she started rapping at the age of 9. While she was there, she joined a rap group called the Moneymakers. She moved back to New York around age 17, around the same time her brother passed away in Virginia due to a

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Brooklyn, New York-based rapper Casanova started his career relatively late in life after spending time incarcerated for various crimes. Following a brief spell as a laborer on release from prison, he realized that music was the true path he wanted to pursue. Putting his criminal past behind him — but using it as inspiration — Casanova recorded his first

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Born to an African-American mother and a father from Port-au-Prince, Haiti,[4][5] Saigon was sentenced to jail time at Napanoch’s Eastern Correctional Facility in the late 1990s, serving a sentence for first-degree assault after shooting at someone in a bar.[2] One day while in the recreation yard, Brian met a fellow inmate named Hakim, who rapped and had a

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